Zuni Bear Fetish 3" L x 1.5" T

The Eagle's Path

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Zuni Bear Fetish  3" L x 1.5" T

Zuni Fetishes are hand-carved out of stones, shells, and other materials. Each animal is believed to have certain qualities that aid the owner.  Zuni carvers develop their own style as it is a passed down form of art.  Many learn from relatives, parents, and grandparents.  Some fetishes have prayer bundles attached.  They may be feathers, shells, arrowheads or heishi adornments.  These bundles are intended to feed and protect the fetish.  Many will place the fetishes in a pouch and carry them.  A fetish may be signed by the artist or not. 

The Bear is one of the directional fetishes and is regarded as a symbol of strength, good medicine, protector, healer, knowledgable, and aids in emotion.

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