Happiest of New Year...

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January 1, 2021

Happiest of New Year…

2021 brings a New Year of opportunity.  While the previous year has been a blister, a bump in the road, and an eye-opening experience.  It taught us many things at The Eagle’s Path…above all, the fortunate opportunities we have and the multiple blessings we get to enjoy. 

While our business was indeed impacted, and our shows all canceled, some of our clients managed to find us and keep connected.  Many asked for our website, regrettably, we never really gave thought to establish one until now…So thanks for the encouragement and continued support, we are proud to launch The Eagle’s Path Marketplace our new online website. 

We hope in the coming year to get to partake in our annual shows, travel the art circuit and powwows, open our storefront and welcome our friends and visitors.  We also understand it is going to be a while before things go back to the way they were, so experiencing our tribal culture and community through the arts may not be as accessible as before.  The Eagle’s Path Marketplace will afford the capability to stay connected.

This is all new to us, so be patient and understanding, we still have our one-of-a-kind capability so please do not think you can have one in every color of the spectrum or that we can generate hundreds of works of art, we are still a micro-business embedded in tradition, culture and a way of life that is quite personalized. 

Many thanks for the visit, send us a message and suggest a change or two, to make this a better place for us all.  We plan to highlight and offer a blog on elements of culture so visit often!  Works of art and collectibles will be added as often as we can. 

We are also outreaching to fellow artist friends who do not have a website, in hopes of offering a helping hand and making their works of art available at The Eagle’s Path Marketplace.  We thank you and wish you the absolute best…

Many Blessing everyone!

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