About Us

Welcome to The Eagle's Path, a Native American owned and operated gift shop located on the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo reservation. The Tiguas’, as we are called, are the only Pueblo tribe located in Texas. During the Pueblo revolt of 1680 we were relocated to what is now El Paso, Texas. Pottery is a hallmark craft of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.

Our family-owned gift shop specializes in hand-painted pottery. Our family has worked with clay for decades; producing some beautiful and highly collected works of art. We work in all three forms of pottery from coil (free form), wheel, and ceramic cast. Each piece is individually hand-painted.

Over the years, our pottery has reached the hands of many dignitaries such as President Bill Clinton, President Bush Sr., Vice President Joe Biden, King and Queen of Malaysia and many others. Our family’s works have also been featured in multiple museums and printed publications.

Along with our own works of art, we offer Native American hand-crafted items and regional southwest-inspired household goods that compliment the Spirit of the Southwest....

We hope that you enjoy your online visit and experience a piece of history from a culturally-resilient community. Enjoy our marketplace.

~Many Blessings~