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Exciting News!

Pueblo pottery remains one of the most collected art forms of Pueblo Indians.  The artistic expressions that derived from working earth and clay are treasured symbols and keepsakes.  There are many types of collectors, some specialize in collecting a particular style, artist, or Pueblo and search near and far to find that perfect addition to their collection.  As artist, we work withing our cultural boundary and take the traditional teachings and lessons passed down and incorporate them into modern works of art.  These artforms become our own footprint, built within the foundation of our historic tradition of pottery making.

Mr. James P. Barufaldi recently published his book Native American Pottery Symbols and Designs and has included four of my pottery pieces to use as illustrations in his 64-page publication!  We are very excited about this opportunity and share our enthusiasm with the other 100 potters from 24 tribes, who were made part of this publication.  James is an avid collector and has amassed a great collection of many works, some multi-generation.  His expertise and passion are shared in his recent publications that discuss certain symbols used universally by various Pueblos and Native American communities alike.  James established the Native American Pottery Facebook group.  This group is composed of collectors, gallery owners, artist, and general pottery enthusiasts who share the same excitement on Native American pottery. 

This is James second pottery book and is a perfect resource for those interested in learning, collecting or supporting Native American pottery.  We at The Eagle’s Path certainly thank you for being a supporter and serving as an audience to showcase the essence of culture that resides in each of our creations.  Pottery remains a cultural voice, which reminds us of the importance of preserving a way of life, that is like no other…Blessings!

Native American Pottery Symbols and Designs can be purchased on Amazon.  Several Books are available at The Eagle’s Path

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