Colorful Scarf 30"W x 30" L 100% Acrylic

Colorful Scarf 30"W x 30" L 100% Acrylic

The Eagle's Path

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Colorful Scarf 30"W x 30" L 100% Acrylic

The scarves are a colorful trade item incorporated in tribal regalia.  Traded for the beautiful flower patterns they are transformed into capes used in tribal dance.  Some artisans fashion them as headbands, incorporate them as liners in pouches and other personal items.  We included them in this category because it's the best fit.  

Enthusiast of all things southwest, we hope you enjoy our selection of earthy accents, and breathtaking desert-inspired goods.  These décor items will complement and enhance your southwestern mood, or vibe.  The esthetic appeal will certainly be awe-inspiring. 

Southwestern décor is gaining popularity and its color palette is surely a great fit for almost all lifestyles, designs, and decor selections. Natural and earth tones to vibrant turquoise, reds, and orange hues are perfect mood enhancers.  A southwestern pillow can spark a dull chair, couch, or bed.  A colorful throw rug can add flare to a room.  A southwestern shawl can protect you from the elements and serve as a nice throw when not out on the town.

Hope we can help create that relaxing and calming environment.  By the way, don't forget the sage!  This collection will offer, southwestern pillows, mats, shawls, scarves, and other textiles produced by machines and not people. 

Dry-cleaning recommended.

These items are NOT Indian produced, an Indian product or products of a particular Indian, Indian Tribe or Indian Arts and Crafts Organization as defined by 25 USC & 305 et seq