Navajo Made Sterling Silver, Turquoise & Coral Bracelet

The Eagle's Path

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Native American jewelry is handcrafted using turquoise, coral, shell, and other materials to create beautifully crafted necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and other adornments. Here you will find both traditional styles from years ago; along with modern and contemporary styles to select from.

Turquoise has always been used as a symbol of beauty, positive energy, strength, and carries many historical attributes.  Some believe turquoise is a piece of sky, a symbol of water, a gift from the spirits that are used to adorn and pay reverence.

The Spanish introduced silver and copper metals.  These became highly prized materials in Native communities.  Artists fashioned these metals to become personal adornments along with the use of turquoise, shells, corals, and other semi-precious stones.

The Eagle’s Path has been able to acquire some beautiful jewelry for your review and consideration.  These works are original in design and may not be able to be replicated.