San Felipe Pueblo Dragonfly Earring Sterling Silver & Turquoise 1.5" L

The Eagle's Path

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Artist:  Ray "Duck" Garcia, San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico

RAY "DUCK" GARCIA is an enrolled tribal member of San Felipe Pueblo.  He was born into a family of talented jewelry and pottery artists.  Ray’s interest in jewelry began at a young age.  He worked with his family cutting stones and making turquoise and heishi necklaces.  Later he was introduced to silversmithing. “All my jewelry is created using my hands. I cut and fashion my stones and metal for use in my jewelry along with casting methods using Sterling Silver in Tufa stone and Cuttlebone.”  Rays creativity has earned many recognitions at prestigious shows like The Heard Museum Indian Art Market in Phoenix, Arizona, Red Earth Indian Art Market in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Cahokia Mounds Contemporary Indian Art Show, in Collinsville, Illinois, and the Artesian Arts Festival in Sulphur, Oklahoma

Turquoise has always been used as a symbol of beauty, positive energy, strength, and carry many historical attributes.  Some believe turquoise is a piece of sky, a symbol of water, a gift from the spirits that are used to adorn and pay reverence.

The Spanish introduced silver and copper metals.  These became highly prized materials in Native communities.  Artists fashioned them to become personal adornments along with the use of turquoise, shells, corals, and other semi-precious stones.

The Eagle’s Path has been able to acquire some beautiful jewelry for your review and consideration.  These works are original in design and may not be able to be replicated.  The stones used are natural and the design incorporates the natural color and matrix found in each piece.

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