Santo Domingo Kewa Earrings Dangle Turquoise Stone 1.15"L

Santo Domingo Kewa Earrings Dangle Turquoise Stone 1.15"L

The Eagle's Path

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Santo Domingo Kewa Earrings Dangle Turquoise Stone

Artist:  R. Chavez, Santo Domingo (Kewa) 

Santo Domingo Pueblo (Also known as Kewa) are masters in jewelry making.  They are gifted in working with shells, natural stones, silver and turquoise, jet, spiny oysters, mother of pearl, and others to produce some very spectacular personal adornments.  Known for the simplistic design of slab turquoise, they have been able to intricately slice raw turquoise and create mirror images from one piece to craft beautiful slab turquoise earrings.  Turquoise has always been used as a symbol of beauty, positive energy, strength, and carry many historical attributes.  Some believe turquoise is a piece of sky, a symbol of water a gift from the spirits that are used to adorn and pay reverence.

Some artists have created very intricate mosaic inlays taking raw materials and creating a puzzle of a sort to produce an array of southwestern splendor.  These intricate works of art require patience and precision. 

The Eagle’s Path has been able to acquire some beautiful jewelry for your review and consideration.  These works are original in design and may not be able to be replicated.  Stones used are natural and the design incorporates the natural color and matrix found.