Smudging Three Kings Granular Resin Incense

Smudging Three Kings Granular Resin Incense

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The Three Kings multicolor granular resin incense can be used to make your environment more enjoyable and relaxing.  Made compounded from the finest herbs, gums, flowers, and oils, this excellent quality resin will create a therapeutic relaxing space.

smudging Is used in many indigenous cultures.  Its use is to energetically cleanse a person or space and invite positive energies.  The smoke purifies the environment and can bring physical, mental clarity, and emotional wellbeing.  Burning incense and sage is believed to ward of toxicity and negative energies.  After a smudging session, one makes way for the environment or personal well-being to have a positive space for clear thinking and improved states of mind.  Smudging should be done with deep gratitude, reverence, and positive intention. 

This is for one glass bottle .6 fl oz (17ml) and its use should be supervised.  Never leave a flame unattended.  Can be used with incense charcoal to light.