Tigua Pottery Bird and Flower Design 7" T x 9" W Signed

Tigua Pottery Bird and Flower Design 7" T x 9" W Signed

The Eagle's Path

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Description: This is a ceramic pottery piece by Albert Alvidrez, a member of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo-Tigua Indian Reservation. It is created using a ceramic mold and hand-painted with pigment and commercial underglazes.

The Design

The designs are hand-painted with either natural pigment and/or commercial underglazes relying only on the memory and skill of the artist. The pottery designs are a contemporary variation of traditional Pueblo designs. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tigua) only produced undecorated utilitarian pottery like Isleta, Sandia, Taos and Picuris Pueblos historically.  Pottery designs were introduced to Isleta, New Mexico by Laguna Pueblo right before the railroad era.  In the late 60’s, members from Isleta and neighboring Pueblos traveled to Ysleta del Sur and introduced the pottery designs.  The YSDSP pottery making revitalization has incorporated these designs.  Albert uses his artistic expression to give his pottery a unique and personalized character.

The Firing

The pottery is either fired in an open fire, or through an electric kiln.  Albert and his immediate family are some of the very few YDSP artists that conduct open firings on the reservation.  In this process, the pottery is placed in a container on a metal grate, and wood is stacked around the pottery.  It is set on fire and the pottery will fire as the wood burns and turns to ash.  The pottery is then taken out and cleaned once the pots have cooled down.  This process requires much coordination and ideal conditions.  There is a higher possibility of pottery pieces breaking during this process and never reaching the “born” phase.  It is common to find pottery having smoke clouds on the finished pieces.  Many collectors enjoy these added character marks that enhance the personality of the pottery.

The other firing technique incorporates the use of a commercial kiln.  The pottery is placed inside the electric kiln and fired for over 6 hours.  Once the pieces are cooled off, they can be removed.

This piece is signed.

Origin: Ysleta del Sur Pueblo