Jemez Pottery Koshare Storyteller Clay Artists Signed 6" T x 6" W

The Eagle's Path

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Jemez Storytellers

Jemez Pueblo (Walatowa) is known for its skilled and distinctive earth-tone pottery.  Many masterful and skilled artists produce some of the most extravagant and highly collected works of art.  Here we have some small figurine storytellers.

Storytellers are clay expressions that remind us of the teachings we receive from our elders.  Many a time, children sit and listen to the elders talk about the old ways and how things once were.  This storytelling gave rise to the storytellers who originated in Cochiti Pueblo by the great and skilled artist Helen Cordero.  This Koshare Storyteller is made and signed by R. Panana, Jemez Pueblo.

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